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Friday, 22 May 2015

Most renowned Android Call Recorder App

One technology that people have not much utilized is call recording application. You may find an inbuilt recorder in every smartphone. But people don’t use them often.  Few of them record calls whereas few people don’t, due to some privacy concerns or distrust on call recording applications. Here is the solution to your problem.
 android call recorder

For getting the reliable and trustworthy app, prefer Total recall call recorder android application available on Google Play Store. There are good reasons to consider that this call recorder is very useful and valuable. This app was introduced early in 2004. Developers of this app are constantly working for advancing application and its features for user’s convenience. This app is designed with easy user interface where people can easily access and operate it.
The process of downloading and installing call recorder application is very easy. But you should be very careful before getting this app downloaded in your handset, as this application does not have the potential to adjust in all mobile phone. It completely depends on the type of device model that you carry. In such a situation, prefer downloading application available for free. You may find applications that are associated with a warranty period. This app also may come as a benefit of providing users with a warranty extension period. It is important to note that this app is only for users of Android smartphone.
 android call recorder

Talking about application features – it comes with both side recording. It records both outgoing and incoming calls. It also records one side recording i.e. via Microphone you can record lectures, important calls, meetings conferences, music, and other audio files.  Calls are recorded in different formats like AMR, WAV, MP4 and MP3. The sound quality is very clear and that too with no background noise. You can hear and access recording whenever you want. For that, you must save and store files.  
Now, it is possible to save and store calls and voice notes. All you need to do is manually amend 3 setting option which after enabling allows to record files directly automatically to Gmail inbox, sound route, drop box, Google drive and Evernote. These recorded file can se transferred and sent via Bluetooth or any other social media apps like Wechat, Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, viber and other apps. You can also synchronize call recordings via cloud setting. This call recorder android let users to categorize name of callers by creating folders. On making folders, you can see when calls were made and what was the topic of conversation with proper time was and date.

When you finally decide on to buy a call recorder app, you it is evident that you should have a positive intent behind this. Be it for official or personal use, the purpose and object should be serious. So if you wish to record some specific calls or all calls, you have an option of ignoring entire contacts or preferring some contacts calls to be recorded. And, this app is very useful and worthy making user’s investment valuable.
 android call recorder

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  1. I have recently found this call recorder on Play Store and i got this app in offer price. Very happy to have this application. Easy options and very handy to use.