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Thursday, 25 February 2016

How To Get Up From A.I Alarm Clock Application For Android

Every one once in a while has issues getting up and out of bed. Luckily, there are an extensive variety of things that you can do to help you, both in the morning and around night time to get you up, restored and arranged to start your day.

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Evening time is the most basic part of the day for napping. We are all possessed in our lives. Remembering the deciding objective to wake up on time and be arranged to get going, we require an average night's rest. There are an extensive variety of things that can keep you from getting enough rest amid the night, and a significant parcel of these can be avoided easily. One of the essential things is to find the opportunity to consider time. Clearly there are apparently different TV programs, furthermore movies that thumbs up later during the evening, yet it is crucial that you don't start watching programs past the final turning point. That is the reason there is TiVo, and recordable DVD's. Make use of them with the objective that you can watch your most cherished tasks at some other time.

A.I Awake alarm clock app is a wake up timer App especially for individuals who've inconvenience to wake-up. For people who rest under eight hours and require to remove that morning sluggishness. There're 2 choices with the clock. The nap choice and talking with robot elective. In the event that you select to talk with the robot, the nap decision will be wiped out.
There are distinctive things to keep up a key separation from amid the night, close rest time. One of them is drinking invigorated refreshments, like coffee, pop, and hot chocolate. These drinks have exactly the same around night time as they do in the morning i.e. they keep you cognizant. You similarly need to refrain from eating before bed, and you should not snack or eat within two hours of going to bed. Keep up a key separation from sustenances that are especially high in sugar, or that contain caffeine, for instance, chocolate. Drinking alcohol before bed isn't a shrewd thought either, because it can make you torpid in the morning, and you may in like manner get a hang over.

If you are hitched, or in a relationship, don't go to bed enraged. You will at present be vexed, long after the lights are off, whether thinking enraged thoughts, or contemplating about what you were battling about. This weight keeps you both from loosening up and snuggling up to one another, which a couple couples truly need to fall asleep. It is immeasurably enhanced to endeavor to work things out before you go to bed or perhaps let it go until further notice.
Guarantee that you are getting enough genuine rest while you are napping. This could infer that you need to rest in a more pleasing position, or if your assistant's wheezing is keeping you cognizant, work with them to make sense of how to reduce their wheezing. It may in like manner infer that you require another bed, or cushions too.

Placed assets into an OK A.I Awake 2.0 Alarm Clock App too. There are wake up clocks that let you set a substitute alert on different days of the week. So if you have work or activities that start on different times dependent upon the landing of the week, then this kind of 7 day wake up clock can well offer you isolate the perfect measure of rest that you some assistance with requiring.

Generally speaking it is hard to reliably wake up in extraordinary spirits, feeling resuscitated. Regardless if you venture above, it may go some way towards helping you to fulfill that target.

Monday, 22 February 2016

Alarm clock app

Hello my readers,

Today I'd like to share with you a very promising Alarm clock app with unique ideas.

Plus Point -

A.I Awake

A.I Awake is an alarm clock specifically for people who have trouble to wake up. For people who sleep less than 8 hours and need to cut away that morning drowsiness. There are two options with the alarm. The snooze option. And chatting with robot option. If you choose to chat with the robot, the snooze option will be cancelled**

**We are not responsible nor liable for the lack of sleep during the week. Or the causes that lack of sleep may cause you, and/or any other misuse of the alarm.**

A.I Awake is an alarm clock that uses the help of an artificially intelligent robot that helps you wake up by chatting with you. You just have to engage your brain for 2 minutes to fully wake up. No need for exercises, math problems, scanning things. You just have to converse with the robot for 2 minutes after waking up. you cant snooze with this option.

If you turn sleep cycle On. The system will advise you what would be the best time to wake up from the time you set up the alarm. You can use this option only when you set up the alarm right before going to bed.

Use this option if you want to snooze.
- Please follow all the instructions on how to use and set the alarm.
- The alarm will fully wake you up without snoozing. if you follow the instructions
- Make sure to follow all the way through the conversation with the robot.
- If you try to turn off the alarm in a way different than instructed, the alarm might sound at any time randomly during the day, and/or will cancel previous alarms that you saved.
- Do not use the alarm as a reminder. It wasn't created for that purpose.
- You can only choose between 7 sounds of nature.
- Make sure to get a full night sleep at least 2 times per week
- To set, and add an alarm press the (+) on the top right corner. To edit or delete an alarm press on the the alarm that you have already set for 1 second.
- Choose the time and type of sound you would like. Then press save and all set!. You can only choose between 7 sounds of nature.
- When the alarm sounds you have to answer the phone by sliding the "snooze" or "unlock" button.
- When you answer the phone wait for a few seconds while the robot appears.
- When robot appears you have to chat with him for 2 minutes. If you take more than 30 seconds to reply the alarm will activate again. The only way to turn the alarm off is by chatting for 2 minutes.
- Please take in mind that the robot is still learning, and its brain is still small. The robot prefers legible English. If there are grammar errors, it will get confused and will say something random. Sometimes even though you spelled correctly, the robot might not understand what you have meant. Try to rephrase it. Example: "I have to" to "I gotta"
The phone uses only 3% or less of battery. If you feel the battery is draining, it might be other apps that need connection 24 hours, and/or because you have the LTE mode, and push notifications ON.


If you experience a bug with this app, please comment below to fix the problem as soon as possible. 

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Phone Call Recorder Devices-Drastic Revolution of the Communication World

Phone Call Recorder Devices-Drastic Revolution of the Communication World

Technology has drastically changed the entire world to a huge extent. During the modern competitive world, individuals have heard about large numbers of devices available in the form of recording devices, like mobile phone call recorder devices and telephone recording devices. This technology has further experienced revolutionized in the communication world to allow people in recording or tapping of phone calls. In this way, the technique related to the recording process of calls has obtained its use worldwide in almost all sectors of the business as well as various personal affairs.

Alternatively, one can now choose for a suitable recording of calls software to perform the recording job even for internet calls. According to experts, individuals should definitely choose to use this sophisticated technology to its fullest for resolving large numbers of issues go on within the office premise and thereby, take action to save big amount of time.

 record a phone call

Track Calls to Boost Professionalism in Companies

Software solutions related to record phone call made or received by customers are helpful in large numbers of good companies and business ventures. A major benefit associated with this type of advanced Android application is that it helps people to get a complete tracking of each phone call taken place inside yet outside the workplace.

Even you can consider the app as beneficial to create professional and efficient corporate environment, where each individual starting from a junior receptionist to various senior members are capable to reduce their personal calls and behave professionally while dealing with prospects or already existing customers.

Selection of Recorders for Phones

Once business owners come up with their powerful decisions to install and acquire innovative recording calls solutions in respective premises, they have to go for final selection based on important aspects, which include security, reliability and easy to use. Indeed, none of the business owners or managers will want to lose any crucial recordings because of technical glitches or other related issues.

Moreover, individuals have to be cautious that recordings remained stored in the safest possible ways and remained blocked from the access of any authorized or illegal person. Hence, in order to resolve the issue, it is essential for individuals to prefer for the best one prevailing in the entire technological and communication market.

Total Recall App Features

Total Recall is obviously one of the best voice or call recording type of feature-packed applications. The app lets people to record every type of phone call, which they select to save in their devices and that too in the format based on specific choice. In addition, app developers involved in the designing of Total Recall for varying models of Android have offered with the special facility of trial pack for 30 days.

Trial period allows users to listen to various records and identify root requirements and key features prior to the final installation process. Lastly, app designers and developers have provided External SD Card as the destination by default storage for every incoming and outgoing call. Hence, no one will find the size of recordings, as limited to phone memory.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Google Android Call Recorder - Best Mobile Phone Call Recorder Already In The Market

Ever wished you had recorded a mobile phone call? Maybe you received awful customer service from an organization over the telephone and you would like to have evidence. Or, possibly you received instruction or help that you would like to reference again in the future. There are various reasons precisely why somebody would wish to monitor a call and in the event that you are utilizing an GoogleAndroid phone then it is possible to obtain Android call recorder free.

 Android Call Recorder

Killer Mobile happens to be the actual corporation that has created this particular remarkable mobile application known as being Android call recorder. You should at all times look for the best Android call recorder app and there's nothing at all far better when compared with this. The particular recognition of Android call recorder is undoubtedly an excellent indicator of the level of quality of the actual app.

It's feasible to acquire Android call recorder free devoid of virtually any problems. You'll not need to shell out anything at all in order to start out utilizing this software - just isn't this wonderful? It's the best Android call recorder app for numerous explanations. The principle causes precisely why you need to select to utilize Android call recorder happen to be that the particular recordings tend to be of high quality, program is convenient to use and tend not to utilize a lot of resources of the particular mobile phone.

We must bring up that you won't end up being capable to take pleasure in recordings of high-quality in the event that an app tends to make your telephone lag. I don't see any kind of motive to experiment with apps which are going to make poor recordings when you may make use of this specific mobile application. And an additional important element happens to be that it is possible to acquire Android call recorder free.

Logging a telephone call happens to be extremely easy - you just have to push a switch. You will be capable to listen to the particular recordings by means of cellphone or send out these to your computer.
I know the fact that it was described currently, yet Killer Mobile allows you to utilize this particular mobile app at no cost - that's correct, you'll not need to pay anything at all. Comparable performance of this specific mobile app is identified solely within a few apps which aren't free of charge so it's apparent the fact that there is absolutely no cause to pay out funds for the particular kind of level of quality which you may obtain free of charge.

In the event that you're searching for a reliable strategy to record a mobile call the particular Android Call Recorder is an excellent option. If perhaps you desire to retain a record of every call you come up with, in that case this specific application is the most effective selection for you. If you're an Google Android user, you ought to try it. Because this specific software is actually absolutely free, you have nothing to not win and when you are going to take a look at this specific app, you will not end up being searching for anything else. This specific app happens to be really so great that nothing can beat the actual quality which you'll get out of it.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Popular Call Recorder Android App

Technology has completely distorted the world. In present day world, we heed about various call recording applications. These applications permit one to taps or trace phone conversations; it can be used all through the earth in every field whether personal affairs or for business or official purpose.  These apps have emerged out to be very useful and supportive app.

You may find several apps on Google Play Store, but if you are looking for the consistent and reliable app then have a preference of Total Recall call recorder app which appears to be valuable and trustworthy app for your recordings. This app is specially designed for users of Android.  With phone recording apps, there can be an absolute tracking of all phone conversations. You can customize callers list by name and date by creating folders, so that it allow you to finds any particular conversation you are looking for in just a jiffy.

The Total Recall call recorder android app was introduced early in 2004. This app is designed with a simple user interface in such a way that it can be easily operated by any common user. You get a free 30 days trial for experiencing the working of this app and also the problems and complexities associated with it. It is very important that before you decide on to buy this app, keep in mind that you should get this app with a valid purpose.
This application comes with amazing features like it records both sided recording that is calls made and calls received. It also record one side recording i.e. recording of audios of your little ones, important meetings, conferences, speeches, music and lectures via Microphone. Also if you receive any fake or abusive calls, you can easily trace them.

Once you've resolute to trace your calls, you would like to be convinced to do it securely, consistently and without difficulty.  It needs to be specific to set up the recording and also to discover recordings that have been made.   You don't want to miss any of the call recordings for the reason that of technical stoppage or other issues.  And you have to check your recordings are safe and sound, store and not available to any unauthorized persons.  Total Recall call recorder app provider’s avails you with a service that offers all of these benefits.  Here you can save all your files and recording by enabling 3 options in setting menu. As you enable these options, it will automatically save your recordings in Gmail inbox, Evernote, drop box, sound route and Google drive.
Recording of files is generally done in AMR, WAV, MP3 and MP4 format. You can also transfer these files via social media applications like Wechat, viber, Whatsapp and also via Bluetooth. You can save all call recording by synchronizing them using cloud settings. You are facilitated with complete security option of password protection.

Recording calls assist to keep you out of problem.  Investing on total recall call recorder android application will really not let you down.  This app has thousands of users across the globe with complete security and safety measures.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Most renowned Android Call Recorder App

One technology that people have not much utilized is call recording application. You may find an inbuilt recorder in every smartphone. But people don’t use them often.  Few of them record calls whereas few people don’t, due to some privacy concerns or distrust on call recording applications. Here is the solution to your problem.
 android call recorder

For getting the reliable and trustworthy app, prefer Total recall call recorder android application available on Google Play Store. There are good reasons to consider that this call recorder is very useful and valuable. This app was introduced early in 2004. Developers of this app are constantly working for advancing application and its features for user’s convenience. This app is designed with easy user interface where people can easily access and operate it.
The process of downloading and installing call recorder application is very easy. But you should be very careful before getting this app downloaded in your handset, as this application does not have the potential to adjust in all mobile phone. It completely depends on the type of device model that you carry. In such a situation, prefer downloading application available for free. You may find applications that are associated with a warranty period. This app also may come as a benefit of providing users with a warranty extension period. It is important to note that this app is only for users of Android smartphone.
 android call recorder

Talking about application features – it comes with both side recording. It records both outgoing and incoming calls. It also records one side recording i.e. via Microphone you can record lectures, important calls, meetings conferences, music, and other audio files.  Calls are recorded in different formats like AMR, WAV, MP4 and MP3. The sound quality is very clear and that too with no background noise. You can hear and access recording whenever you want. For that, you must save and store files.  
Now, it is possible to save and store calls and voice notes. All you need to do is manually amend 3 setting option which after enabling allows to record files directly automatically to Gmail inbox, sound route, drop box, Google drive and Evernote. These recorded file can se transferred and sent via Bluetooth or any other social media apps like Wechat, Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, viber and other apps. You can also synchronize call recordings via cloud setting. This call recorder android let users to categorize name of callers by creating folders. On making folders, you can see when calls were made and what was the topic of conversation with proper time was and date.

When you finally decide on to buy a call recorder app, you it is evident that you should have a positive intent behind this. Be it for official or personal use, the purpose and object should be serious. So if you wish to record some specific calls or all calls, you have an option of ignoring entire contacts or preferring some contacts calls to be recorded. And, this app is very useful and worthy making user’s investment valuable.
 android call recorder

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

All you need to know about Call Recorder App for Android

If you are in search of a valuable call recording app, then you need not to walk off at anywhere else except call recording applications available on Google Play Store. There are a number of benefits of using these recording apps. With the help of these applications, one can simply trace information and classify it as per their expediency. Usually, these recording applications are designed mainly to save the recorded conversation automatically in your phone for the use of classifying.

To decide on as to which app is most reliable and trustworthy, you need not to worry. Download and install the app name Total Recall call recorder android app. This app is available for free on Play Store and you also get a free 30 days trial where you can come across the issues and complicacies associated with this application. The process of downloading and installation is very easy and this app is designed with easy user interface.
Phone call recording takes place at the moment you receive call. This applications records calls in various formats like MP4, WAV, AMR and MP3. You can record calls and save them for accessing them in future as needed.  You can also categorize calls by name and making folders of it, which helps you in finding particular recording that you are looking for.
Every handset has a limited Storage capacity, so storing and saving number of recorded files is not possible. Call recorder application thus allows users to store files by uploading them on Google drive, sound route, Google mail inbox, drop box and Evernote. For automatic uploading, you are suppose to enable 3 options in setting which will allow you to upload file automatically to the drives mentioned above and erase call recordings from device. As you keep on receiving newer calls, you older call recordings get automatically erased from the list.
This application is very unique and is created for Android smartphone. Not every handset has a potential of attuning this application. It basically depends on the model of your handset which you have. So, you should be very careful and better prefer downloading free versions if you are not unsure about your handset adaptability for hits application.
This application was introduced early since 2004. App developers of Total recorder android app are still efforting for advancing and developing this application only for betterment and convenience of users. You may find multiple apps available on play store with warranty period. But this application facilitates users with warranty extension for users as an additional benefit. Also this handset records two sided recording that incoming calls and outgoing calls. Sound quality of recording is very clear and that to with no background sound. Your recorder automatically record calls at the moment you make call or receive call and that too with beep free sound.

Getting this Total Recall call recording app in your device will undoubtedly give you a unique experience and will make your investment worthy and valuable. You can completely rely and trust this application.