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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Android App on Google Play for Smartphone’s

These days call recording equipments are not easily seen and has turned out to be extinct. With the advancements in technology, call recording applications have been pioneered by app developers. Applications are required to be installed on your Smartphone and there is no chance of missing any recordings as it is integrated in your device. Not like recording equipments, which you have to carry everywhere. This innovation can literally resolve your issues and benefit you for recording important conversations in a moment.
The name of this unique innovation is the Total Recall android call recorder app which is developed by app makers in the US and is available on Google Play Store. This app was introduced previously in 2004 and the developers are constantly working on enhancing its functionality. You can find this app on Play Store with its updated version 2.0.24. The good news about this app is it supports all versions of android involving Lollipop 5.0.
You can record live conversations anytime you want. This app is basically an automatic call recorder which record calls at the time of making calls or receiving calls. It records both sided conversation i.e. outgoing and incoming calls. Together with two sided recordings, this app also records on side recording i.e. voice notes like any important meeting, lectures, conferences, interviews, speeches, etc.  by means of Microphone. It can be recorded in MP3, MP4, WAV, AMR & 3GPP file formats.
One of the benefits of having a recording app is that you can follow all your call conversations and voice notes, whenever you want. This application is very useful for official purpose. You can later on share out these recorded files with your friends, relatives, colleagues, or anyone by means of social media applications or Bluetooth.
The recorded voice notes and calls have a crystal clear recording quality, and you have an option to reverse or forward these calls to heed important part of the discussion. As you may possess some important recording in your device, it is necessary to secure it. This app features an option of password protection which lets you lock all your recorded files. Furthermore, you can store all your conversations on server to Gmail inbox, sound cloud, Evernote, Google drive and Dropbox. For this, you need to enable 3 options from the setting menu, which allows you to upload all your files automatically to the above-mentioned storage.
Almost every person is using this android call recorder application. The user interface is user friendly and allows you to run this app effortlessly. You can get this app from Play Store with an initial free trial version of 30 days. Before you download this app, check whether this app is compatible with your device or not. This app adjusts with some particular devices like the Sony Xperia t2 ultra dual, android one, Samsung duos s6102, nexus5, Moto E XT1022. If your device is not similar to the listed handsets, then you can use its free 30 days test version first.

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