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Saturday, 1 November 2014

TotalRecall Application

TotalRecall App-Right Option for Users Require True Call Recording
Are you waiting for any important call with your client? Do you have an interview or conference with your business associates or company’s personnel with the help of phones? If your answer to both of these questions is yes, you should definitely choose for the Call Recorder App.
An interesting thing about this type of app is that it allows individuals to install in their Smartphone devices and retain the entire telephonic conversation or teleconference as record for future. Until now, Android app developers have introduced countless innovative Android-based call recorder applications to help Android users in different ways as possible. Here, you will be able to know about the newly launched Android-based application named as Total Recall Call Recorder App.

How TotalRecall App is Different
Unlike any other types of Call Recorders, which only record the calling audio with the help of Microphone devices at low volumes, Total Recall allows for the True Call Recording. In this way, you will be able to get full audio from different sides of your call and that too over compatible devices. In addition, you will be able to avail huge quality difference. Thus, experts have rightly said that the Total Recall is the one and the only trustworthy app for all individuals, who consider the feature of Call Recording as important.

Benefits of TotalRecall App
Total Recall app has obtained countless competitive benefits for users, which include

Supports Call Record
As the name implies, TotalRecall, the leading Call Recorder App has provided support to true call recording activities on different types of devices as compared to any of the similar types of applications.

Unique Solution for Users
Many app developers of Android phones have said that the newly launched TotalRecall app is the only and the unique multi-OS recorder available in the mobile application sector. In fact, this is the only recorder app, launched ever since 2004.  

Licensed App
Another interesting fact about the Android Call Recorder app is that it has obtained official operating license to use the MP3 audio codec legally as possible.

Easily Usable Solution
TotalRecall is an easily usable and intuitive mobile application for almost every type of Smartphone devices operating on Android platform.

Extensive Lists and Options are Available
Many people have preferred for the installation of this call recorder app because of the fact that it provides users with an extensive list of auto send and upload options to perform different jobs in the hassle-free way as possible. Therefore, whether you want to get a record of the ongoing conference or meeting with your client, you only have to choose the right option to perform the job.

Operational Flexibility is Available
Android app is available for its users with best possible operational flexibility, specifically with highly flexible recording options for different types of calls and sound post recording management.

Perfect Option for People Using Rooted Devices

TotalRecall has incorporated various types of device specific record improvements for different types of Rooted Devices. 


  1. Yes, works flawlessly on mostly android device

  2. call recorder work with android lollipop update ?

    1. Yes my friend, You should try.